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One of the most common questions we get asked is what a custom, live edge order could cost. While we cannot provide an exact cost due to the fact each piece is 100% unique and therefore brings its' own price tag, below are general ballparks for each type of offering.


Just remember, all of our handcrafted items are customized to your design and style, which means there are several factors (wood species, size, epoxy, base, etc.) that go into each price. The ranges below are just ballpark values that can fluctuate base on the design and current supply costs.

End Tables: $500+

Coffee Tables: $750+

Desks: $1,500+

Bar / Console Tables: $2,000+

Dinette Tables: $2,500+

Dining Tables: $4,000+

Epoxy Resin Tables: Generally speaking, epoxy resin tables will cost higher than a solid wood table in the same size. 

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