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Welcome to AgainstTheGrain, your one-stop-shop for live edge woodworking supplies. We are excited to offer a wide range of products to help you create unique and beautiful pieces of furniture, decor, and more. Feel free to browse our selection and contact us with any questions or special requests.


To purchase supplies listed below, please click on the affiliate links (we earn a commission) provided under each product description. Some products will come with an exclusive AgainstTheGrain discount if the order is placed through the link. All order processing and payments are conducted by the vendors, not AgainstTheGrain. For products listed on Amazon, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Buy Black Diamond Pigments | Live Edge Woodworking | AgainstTheGrain

Black Diamond Pigments

Black Diamond Pigments are high-quality epoxy resin pigments created by artists for artists that come in a range of colors.


We use them to tint our epoxy river table creations, along with filling in minor voids on slabs to make a smooth surface.


With a minimum order of $10, you will receive 20% off.

Photo and text credit: Black Diamond Pigments

Buy Festool | Live Edge Woodworking | AgainstTheGrain


Festool focuses on engineering innovative products that redefine efficiency, durability and ergonomics for woodworkers.

We use the Track saw TS 75 to cut our slabs, the Router OF 2200 to surface in our Slab Mill Pro, the Random Orbital Sander ETS 150/5 EQ-Plus to sand, and the DOMINO Joiner DOMINO DF 500 Q-Plus to make joined table tops.

Photo and text credit: Festool

Buy Serious Grit | Live Edge Woodworking | AgainstTheGrain

Serious Grit

Serious Grit’s sanding discs don’t tear or clog, and are totally reusable. They’re perfect for sanding a wide variety of materials, including wood and epoxy.

We use Serious Grit sandpaper on all of our projects. Starting with 80 grit, we work our way up the scale to 180, sometimes slightly higher depending on the project, combination of wood versus epoxy, and finish being used.

Photo and text credit: Serious Grit

Buy Gorilla | Live Edge Woodworking | AgainstTheGrain


Gorilla offers a Waterproof Caulk & Seal Silicone Sealant that seals out water, air and moisture. Ready for epoxy exposure in just 30 minutes.

We use the Gorilla Waterproof Caulk & Seal to seal epoxy river table molds once Tuct Tape is used to make the mold waterproof. We also use the caulk to surround voids when pouring epoxy resin to prevent runoff.

Photo and text credit: Gorilla

Buy Rubio Monocoat | Live Edge Woodworking | AgainstTheGrain

Rubio Monocoat

Rubio Monocoat offers high quality and environmentally friendly wood protection that has advanced molecular bonding technology.

We use the Oil Plus 2C product to finish the majority of our products, typically in the color "Pure", and the Raw Wood Cleaner to prepare the surface for maximum adhesion prior to applying the finish. 

Photo and text credit: Rubio Monocoat

Buy Walrus Oil | Live Edge Woodworking | AgainstTheGrain

Walrus Oil

Walrus Oil offers proprietary wood finishes that are FDA compliant for food contact surfaces such as cutting boards and butcher blocks. 

We use the Walrus Cutting Board Oil in combination with a layer of Wood Wax on items that will be in contact with food on a regular basis such as charcuterie boards, cutting boards, and serving trays. 

Photo and text credit: Walrus Oil

Buy Starbond | Live Edge Woodworking | AgainstTheGrain

Star Bond Adhesives

Starbond makes a high performance, industrial-grade super glue that easily penetrates pores, cracks, while providing an extremely strong and durable hold.

We use the Starbond Black Medium-Thick Cyanoacrylate (CA) - Super Glue on projects that require minor void fill-in. It also works well when minor voids on vertical surfaces are needed to be stabilized. 

Photo and text credit: Starbond

Buy LaserPecker | Live Edge Woodworking | AgainstTheGrain


LaserPecker offers compact, fast, user friendly and highly accurate laser engravers for personal, domestic, educational, and small business use.

We use the LaserPecker 1 to engrave our logo on our larger projects, in addition to small engravings requested by clients. The portable laser can be set up easily on any surface and typically finishes each engraving quickly.

Photo and text credit: LaserPecker

Buy Woodpeckers | Live Edge Woodworking | AgainstTheGrain


Woodpeckers designs innovative woodworking tools that are built to last and to make your shop time more effective.

We use their Slab Mill Pro to flatten and surface our slabs. Other tools such as the Protractor T-Square, Paolini Pocket Rules, Hold Down Pivot Clamps, and more allow you to work with live edge slabs easily. 

Photo and text credit:Woodpeckers

Buy Tuct Tape | Live Edge Woodworking | AgainstTheGrain

Tuct Tape

Tuct Tape has a strong adhesive that 

doesn’t stick to epoxy resin. It's capable of withstanding the high heat while pouring and creating river tables.

We use Tuct Tape on our epoxy river table molds to make the mold secure enough to pour epoxy. We also use the tape to secure voids and to prevent staining when epoxy filling is needed on slabs.

Photo and text credit: Tuct Tape

Buy Amana Router Bits | Live Edge Woodworking | AgainstTheGrain

Amana Tool

Amana Tool® is an industry leader for over 50 years specializing in industrial quality cutting tools, including solid carbide, for multiple industries.

We use a variety of router bits from Amana to: surface slabs, route c-channel groves, edge tables tops, and more. Each bit has a specific purpose, depending on the desired outcome of the project at hand.

Photo and text credit: Amana Tools

Buy Jet Tools | Live Edge Woodworking | AgainstTheGrain

Jet Tools

JET Tools, owned by JPW Industries, is committed to being the supplier you can depend on for the epitome of quality, innovation and service.

We use a wide range of Jet tools in our shop to complete our projects in an efficient manner. The following tools are recommended specifically for live edge projects: Drum Sander, Bandsaw, and Dust Collector. 

Photo and text credit: Jet Tools

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