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Live Edge Wood: What is it?

Updated: Feb 28

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around - does it make a sound? While we won't debate you on that age old question, we will pose another - what happens to the tree? Did you know that tree could very well become a beautiful piece of furniture while keeping its' natural, rustic look?

What is Live Edge Wood? | AgainstTheGrain Woodworking

Live Edge Wood. It seems to be a popular phrase nowadays but we still get the question every now and again - what is live edge wood?

Simply put, live edge wood is wood that was cut from a tree while still keeping those rough, beautiful edges. This raw form of wood is dried, finished, and built into a unique piece of furniture while still keeping the natural characteristics.

The most common live edge slabs are those that are cut from the tree horizontally leaving two long live edges.

Learn about Live Edge Slabs | AgainstTheGrain

These slabs can range anywhere from 8-60" wide and are typically used for tables. Lengths vary from tree to tree, but sawmills usually cut the slabs in 5', 6', 8', 10', and 12' lengths.

The larger slabs (larger trees) are more rare of course and thus come with a premium price tag, but are highly popular when it comes to dining and conference tables.

The other type of live edge wood is a round slab, also known as a "cookie." Cut vertically from a tree, cookie slabs showcase a round shape and feature a live edge all the way around.

Learn about Live Edge Slabs | AgainstTheGrain

Typically ranging from 10-50' wide on average, cookie slabs are commonly used for coffee and end tables, though some do get large enough for dinette tables.

Since the shape of cookie slabs vary (circle, irregular, oval), they offer a great accent to any room especially when paired with epoxy resin.

Both types of live edge slabs are typically cut 2-3'' thick and are set to dry for a period of time before they are ready to be used for furniture making.

See, it's pretty simple.

Live edge wood is natures' way of giving you something unique and one-of-a-kind that can be turned into anything with the right creativity behind it. From furniture, to home décor and beyond, there is no limit as to what these beautiful pieces of wood can be transformed into.


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